TEAMWORK (teamwork.com) is a Project Management System Software (Both Desktop and APP Version) used within DDM to co-operate among DDM’s Staff and Client.

It is FREE for the Client to use.


TEAMWORK CHAT is an APP under TEAMWORK which is used as an Instant Messenger (just like Whatsapp | Slack) during the project collaboration inside DDM’s Project

It is FREE for the Client to use. (testing add)

We will use TEAMWORK CHAT throughout the lifetime of the project as the official Instant Group Chat App (i.e. we will not create any Whatsapp | Slack Group) for communication efficiency purpose.

Installation and Setup STEP BY STEP

1. Download APP TEAMWORK in APP Store (for your smartphone)



2. You should have received an Email (sent by Email do-not-reply@teamwork.com)

3.  Collaborator  rights is assigned to you in the Project. You are expected to see ONLY the Tasks which are assigned to you.

4. Press Get Started inside the Email.

5. Create your Own PASSWORD and press Finish Sign Up.

6. Please make sure you remember your PASSWORD  and you can always the login URL in our Website’ Menu Bar : [Login] > [Client’s Project Portal]

7. In TEAMMWORK  Interface, visit [My Project] > [<<Your Project Name>>] > [Overview

8. Click [Open Project Chat Channel]

a. Now you can start chatting with DDM’s Teammate via this TEAMMWORK CHAT Channel.

b. Please be reminded that the TEAMMWORK CHAT Channel are the Official Group Chatting APP between you and DDM. We WILL NOT create any other Chat Group in any other kinds of Instant Messenger (e.g. Whatsapp | Slack)

9. Type “@all” to say hi to everyone within the Project.

10. Download APP TEAMWORK CHAT in APP Store (via your smartphone)



11. Login TEAMWORK CHAT in your APP by the Login information found in #2 and #3

12. You will receive an Email Notification every time you are mentioned by others inside the TEAMWORK CHAT group.

13. In order to receive (in your Smartphone) IN APP Push Notification every time you are mentioned by others inside the TEAMWORK CHAT group, please do the setting in your Smartphone:

a. [Setting (設定)] > [Notification (通知)] > Search [CHAT

c. Enable the APP CHAT

d. Please be reminded that when you have openned the TEAMWORK CHAT in your Browser (i.e. via the TEAMWORK Desktop Version Interface), your Smartphone will not receive any IN APP Push Notification.

14. You will receive an APP Push Notification in your smartphone every time you are mentioned by others inside the TEAMWORK CHAT group.

15. Setting is Done.


16. In order to address your message to a specific person (or people), please use the following COMMAND inside the TEAMWORK CHAT:

Talk with a Specific Teammate

@<<Teammate Name>>

Talk with ALL Teammates


17. Done and Enjoy!