Assign Access Rights of Instagram ID


  • To Assign Rights of Instagram Business Account to us (DDM), so that
  • DDM can manage Client’s IG Business Account Ads
  • DDM can manage Comment’s shown in IG Business Account


  • Client


  • Instagram DOES NOT Support Multi Admin. Which means if the Client want DDM to manage its routine post in IG Business Account, Client should provide the Login and Password of IG Business Account


  • You should already have an Instagram Business Account
  • 2-Way Authentication Security Function in your Instagram Business Account should be DISABLED.
  • You should already have an Facebook Business Manager Account.
  • The Email you used to register for BOTH the Instagram Business Account and Facebook Business Manager Account should be the same.

Step-By-Step Guideline

Link-up IG Business ID with Facebook Ads ID

1. Login FB Business Manager Account via business.facebook.com

2. [[ Business Setting ]]

3. [[ Account ]] > [[ Instagram Accounts ]] > [[ +Add ]]

4. [[ Add an Instagram Account ]]

a. User Name = <<Your Instagram Business Account Name >>

(i.e. www.instagram.com/IG_BUZ_ACCT_NAME)

b. Password = <<Your Instagram Business Account Name>> password

5.  Connect to your Facebook Ads ID, if any

6. [[ Assign Partners ]]

a.  Enter partner Business ID = 1787800488180171 (The Business ID of DDM)

7. Done