As one of the Best SEO HK Company, the Audit Report in our Website (Diamond Digital Marketing) will help you to analyse: on page SEO errors | SEO backlinks status | duplicate content pages | what you should do next on SEO to increase web traffic.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) = Drive Traffic without paying to Google Adwords

Why SEO?

Website Not in Google 1st  Page = Low Web Traffic

"Will Your Potential Client Find You If You Are Not In FIRST PAGE of Google Search Engine?"

71.3% of Your Potential Client ONLY Click the FIRST PAGE of Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page) to find their solution”
Source  – Advanced Web Ranking Study Oct 2018 | International. 


Which is Better?

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing ( or Google Adwords | Pay Per Click (PPC Advertising) , which is boosting your web traffic by paying to the Google Search Engine to make your website rank top in the Google SERP (Search Engine Result Page) in HK.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization (or SEO Marketing), which SEO increase web traffic by boosting your website ranking Hong Kong.  

No Matter SEO vs SEM, both are aiming at showing your website in front of the right audience in order to increase your website traffic.

Google SEO HK

Permanent effect 

Pay once last long

Takes months to be effective

Knowledge incentive

Need Website Edit Rights

By SEO Hong Kong Specialist





Google SEM HK

Temporary effect

Pay as long as you need

Effective immediately

Capital incentive

No Need Website Edit Rights

By SEM Agencies in HK

Our SEM & SEO Services

Google Advertising (SEM)

Buy Google Adwords (HK) Keywords

One off Setup*
6 -Month Contract

Monthly Management Fee –
Based on Ads Budget

Max 1,000+ Keywords
Keywords Research
Campaign Calibration
A/B Test
Google Ads Copywriting
Google Analytics
Ads Extension
Have Account Ownership*


Rank First Page in Google Search Engine

6 -Month Contract  (per Keyword)

Setup Fee – Waived

Monthly Management Fee – Fixed

Domain Authority

Page Authority
SEO Backlinks Building
SEO Content Writing
Canonical Content
UX Planning
Search Engine Result Page (SERP)


Rank Top 3 of Google Search Engine

6 -Month Contract (per Keyword)

Setup Fee – Waived

Monthly Management Fee – Fixed

Domain Authority
Page Authority
SEO Backlinks Building
SEO Content Writing
Canonical Content
UX Planning
Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

How SEO Works - Monthly SEO Packages

Step 1: Define SEO Goals

In 2020, as a professional SEO HK Company, we use cutting-edge SEO checker and SEO tools to help you to achieve the Google SEO goals based on your current website performance and. For example,

  • Web traffic expected to drive
  • Keyword ranking you would like to improve

Step 2: Conduct Website SEO Audit

Website Audit will be conducted in order to determine what strategy is best for your SEO HK project in following ways:

  • Your Website Presence in Googlebot eye
  • SEO Domain Name and Subdomain SEO Problem
  • Website information architecture
  • Indexing in SEO
  • SEO Crawler Status in Google Search Engine
  • Integrated SEO strategy if Google AdWords or Google Advertising are also on air.


The evaluation and calibration process will be iterated until the Google SEO goals are achieved. (either ranks 1st page or ranks #1 in the Google organic search result.) Some indicators will be put under the watch list and A/B Test mechanism in order to make the whole Google SEO process scientific. These indicators include but not limit to Domain Authority, Page Toxic Score, Page Speed , Number of indexed pages, which will keep abreast of the ever-changing GoogleBot Algorithm in 2020.


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What is a Definition of Keyword in SEO

"Keyword" is the Exact Word or Phrase in either Traditional Chinese | Simplified Chinese | English which the user uses to search in Google Search Engine. The final decision of how to define a Keyword will be referring to Google Keyword Planner.

How long does it take for my website to rank 1st Page?

Our estimation is 6 months. Why It is an estimation? Because Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Hong Kong is highly affected by a cluster of ever-changing factors including the degree of competitiveness, the resource which the competitors' input, the frequency of Google Bot updating the rank of your website, the update in the Google Ranking Algorithm, which are all not under control. Based on our experience, the keyword ranking of your website will gradually be creeping to the 1st page (or Top 3) at a slow pace within 6 months. And that’s the reason why we design our contract to be a 6-month contract.

Is the outcome be guaranteed?

Unfortunately, No. As mentioned in the previous answer, the Website PageRank is affected by a cluster of factors which are ever-changing and not under control. It is illogical to tell you that the outcome can be guaranteed while there are many uncontrollable factors. Isn’t it? For sure, we don't guarantee does not mean we are not confident to bring your website to 1st Page (or Top 3).

On the contrary, If anyone tell you that the SEO outcome is guaranteed, please pay double attention to see if they are using any "Dark" skills including buying artificial traffic, link or content farming, or keywords cloaking, which brings your website to be exposed to the risk of being suspended by Google, especially after the service contract ended.

What if the website ranking achieved the goal the before contract end?

Simply starts a New Keyword. If a specific keyword ranking of your website reaches 1st Page before the end of a Google SEO Plan, the remaining services period will be allocated for boosting the keyword ranking as highest as possible. If the keywords had already ranked #1, the remaining services period will be allocated for a mutually agree new Keyword.

How long will my website stay in 1st page (or Top 3)?

There is no single formula which can predict how long your website will stay on 1st page because the keyword ranking of your website is affected by a cluster of ever-changing factors that is not under control. However, based on our experience, it is much harder for a website to climb up then to drop down due to the fact that the organic web traffic is in favour of the high-rank website, which creates a positive loop to keep your website in the high position. In many cases that we have done, the websites stay in 1st page for years.

Is SEO or SEM (PPC) the only way to boost the traffic of my website?

No. There are plenty of ways in HK including sending eDM, Facebook Ads or even O2O integration. However, while SEM (PPC, or Google Adwords) is the fastest way which can be effective almost instantaneously once you paid, SEO is the most durable way which the effect can last for months or even years.