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Lite Website

Max 5 Pages

Standard Responsive UI Design

1 Language

(EN | TC | SC)

Max 30 Images Processing

Standard Contact | Registration Form

Blogging Features

Content Management System – CMS (WordPress)

6-Month Warranty

2 Hours Training

Customized Website

Unlimited Pages

Stylish Responsive UI Design

Max 3 Languages

(EN | TC | SC)

Unlimited Images Processing

Customized Contact | Registration Form

Blogging Features

Content Management System – CMS (WordPress)

12-Month Warranty

4 Hours Training

Any Add-On Features

Online Store Setup

Unlimited Item Pages

Stylish Responsive UI Design

Max 3 Languages*

(EN | TC | SC)

Advice on how to choose ECommerce Platform

Ecommerce Platform ID Setup & Optimisation

Product Listing (Max 50 SKU)

Transactional Email Setup

Business Rules Writing and Setup

Payment Method Setup

4 Hours Training

Any Add-On Features

Other Website Add-on Features

Multi Language Switcher

Design your website to be compatible with Traditional Chinese | Simplified Chinese | English version

Ultimate SEO

Boost your website ranking to the top in Hong Kong Google Search Engine Result

Website Migration

Migrate your website to the new Domain | Web Hosting while your current website is still on-air

Website Maintenance

On-going technical support with Backup plan to make sure 24/7 site operation

Eshop Setup

Lead your client to check out in your eshop within 7 clicks

Website Design

Align the UI web design with your brand image and position

Product Filter Widget

Showcase your Hot Items with product filters in an intuitive manner

Live Chat Widget

Your Customer Service can Live Chat with your client in your website

Customized Eshop

Build your own eshop with localized HK payment gateway and VIP engagement features

Social Feed Integration

Embed Facebook | IG post and comment in your website design seamlessly

FAQ Builder

Show your FAQ in front of the client to facilitate their decision making process

Blogging | Latest News

Easily Update and publish your company’s latest news in the blog post

e-NewsLetter Subscription

e-Newsletter Tools Integration into your website

Google Analytics and Pixels Installation

Analyze customer behavior in your website in order to optimize the buying journey

Customizable Registration Form

Interactive Website Building concepts which make your website align with your O2O marketing objectives

Content Writing

Localized Hong Kong tone and manner content writing in Traditional Chinese | English which resonate your client





How We Work?

1. Website Audit Report

Inside the Website Audit Report will describe the current status of the Domain | Web Hosting | Media Files | Database | SERP of your website.

2. Business Objective Fact Sheet

Inside the Business Objectives Fact Sheet will summarize the current status of your business regarding Target Audience | Geo Location | Further Promotion Channels | Existing Digital Assets and extra.

3. Website Building Blueprint

The Website Building Blueprint will describe the hierarchy | taxonomy | information architecture | technique adaption of the website.

4. Website Design Wide Frame

A website design wide frame will describe the Web Design Layout | Brand Image Adaption | Functions and Modules applied in the website.

5. Project Pipeline Gantt Chart

A Project Pipeline Gantt Chart will be provided to describe the Project Scope | Major Milestones | Break down of each significant tasks of building the website.

6. Training Session

Training sessions covering what content can be updated and how these content be updated, together with the guideline on website maintenance or method of asking for support.

  • Step 1 - Current Website Audit

    If you currently have a website in Hong Kong, we will do a comprehensive website audit for your existing website to evaluate the status of the Domains | Web Hosting | Website Architecture | User Generated Content | Product Data, to see if materials in the existing website can be get use of, or to migrate to the new website.

  • Step 2 - Business Objective Analysis

    Before designing the structure of your new website, we will have a session to sit down with you to see what business objectives you expect your new website to achieve. Whether you simply expect a product showcase in your homepage to facilitate your offline salesforce, or reserve the room for future online advertising purpose, or even to cater the demographic difference of your potential visitors in Hong Kong or PRC, will all affect how we design your website.

  • Step 3 - Website Building Architecture

    Having decided the objectives of your website, we will decide the architecture of building the website. For example, what technique is used to manipulate the product database, how is the taxonomy of the webpages, or even the version of the server that is used in your web hosting, will all be taken into consideration.

  • Step 4 - UI and UX Website Design

    A good Web Design is not only about a WOW web layout design, or only some fancy animations flashing in your landing pages. The User Interface and User Experience of a web design will cater the difference need of different audience in difference devices, meanwhile being align with the tone and color and image style of your brand. A website wide frame design will be provided to you and the works will be processed after your approval.

  • Step 5 - Production and Project Management

    The Website Building Project will be broken down into pieces of manageable tasks and formulate a feasible pipeline for execution. Crucial factors for success will be taken into consideration including the scope of the Website Building Project , Authority Availability of each relevant digital assets, your capability of providing us the relevant materials, required time and potential risks during the production process, and not to mention the ordinance and regulations in Hong Kong that we need to comply with.

  • Step 6 - Training and Maintenance

    Having handover a test-run and read-to-go website to you, we will provide you a comprehensive training covering the topics of how to update | modify | maintain the daily operation of your website. A long-enough warranty period will be provided to you in case your website is in downtime or if you want to enhance your website maintenance knowledge.


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  • Q.1 : I don’t know anything about coding. Can I update the website myself in the future?

    The Content Management System (CMS) will be provided to you for updating | modify the dynamic content of your website with no coding knowledge is required. However, if you are going to modify | upgrade the functionality of your website, you may need to ask for our help.

  • Q.2 Can I add extra function on top of my newly created website in the future instead of rewriting a new website?

    Yes. In most of the time you can add extra functions in your newly created website. It just like that you have a iOS iphone and install an new app in the future. However, It is highly commended you to let us know your development plan for better compatibility checking.

  • Q.3 Is there any hidden or extra cost during the production period?

    No. All the costs including our production cost and any of the 3rd party cost will be shown to you before the commence of the project, provided that we have a comprehensive understanding regarding your existing digital assets relevant to the website building project.

  • Q.4 Why there is no standard price of creating a website in your service plan?

    Just like an interior decoration of an apartment, the costs and production lead time of  a web design project are affected by tones of factors including but not limit to – Number of Pages | Number of Images and Wording | If the Images and words are provided by client | add-on functions | Integration with other Digital Assets | Degree of SEO and extra. If you can find a standard package in the market which claim to be a “All-Fit” plan, this plan will most likely only bring you a website but not a “website that can achieve your business objectives”