Guideline - #82285 - Instagram Business Account Access Rights Assign


  • To give DDM permission to work, view and edit your Instagram Business Account.


  • Client


  1. You must have a Facebook Business Manager Account
  2. You must have a Instagram Business Account
  3. Your Instagram Business ID should be linked up with the Facebook Business Manager Account
  4. You must have the admin rights of your Facebook Business Manager in order to assign Instagram Business Account access right to us.


  • If your Instagram Business ID had already linked up with the Facebook Business Manager Account, please jump to Step #8 directly to see how to assign Access Rights to DDM.

Step-By-Step Guideline


2a. Go to the right-hand corner of Facebook Business Manager

b. Open Business Manager Menu

c. Click [[ Business Setting ]]


3a. Under Accounts, click [[ Instagram Accounts ]]

b. Then click [[ + Add ]] 


4. In Add an Instagram Account window, click [[ Connect Your Instagram Account ]]


5. Log in to your Instagram Business Account

connect-ad-account-to-your-ig-account-digital-marketing-hong-kong-min (1)

6a. You may connect some Facebook Ad Accounts to Your new added Instagram Business Account now; or

b. Simply click [[ Finish ]] to complete linking up your Instagram Business Account with your Facebook Business Manager


7.  Your Instagram Business Account has been successfully added to your Business Manager now.

select-ad-account-assign-partner-digital-marketing-agency-hong-kong-min (1)

8a.  Go back to Facebook Business Manager > Accounts > [[ Instagram Accounts ]]

b. Select the <<Instagram Business Account>> that you want to assign access right to us

c. Click [[ Assign Partners ]]

9a. In Share this Instagram account with a partner window, input our Business Manager ID: 1787800488180171 

b. Click [[ Next ]]


10. Done