Guideline - #82005 - Assign Facebook Page ID and Ad ID Rights

Add a partner to your Business Manager


  • Add partner (i.e. DDM) to your Business Manager and give us permission to work on your business or view or edit your assets.


  • Client


  1. You should already have Facebook Business Manager
  2. Your Facebook Page or Facebook Ads ID should be already assigned to your Facebook Business Manager
  3. You must have the admin rights of the Facebook Page or Facebook Ad Account in order to add a partner.
  4. In Facebook [[ Business Manager ]] > [[ Business Setting ]] > [[ Business Info ]] > [[ My Info ]] > [[ Email ]] Should be VERIFIED.
    (i.e. You cannot see the sentence “Check your email to verify this update”)

Step-By-Step Guideline

1. Go to Business Manager 

2. Click [[ Business Settings ]]


3. Below Users, click [[ Partners ]].

4. Click the [[ + Add ]] button, then choose [[ Give a partner access to your assets ]]

5. Enter Diamond Digital Marketing Business Manager ID: 1787800488180171

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6. Select the corresponding assets that you’d like to assign to us.
Please assign us Admin role in  BOTH Facebook Page(s) 
and Ad Account(s)!


7. To Share Assets to Diamond Digital Marketing HK :

a.   Go Back to Business Settings

b.  Below Users, click [[ Partners ]].

c.  Choose [[ Diamond Digital Marketing HK ]] in the Partners List

d.  Go to [[ Assets You Shared ]], then Click [[ Share Assets ]]

asign-asset-business-setting-facebook-page-account-grant-access-right-digital-marketing-agency-hong-kong-2 (1)-min

8. To Assign Admin Permission to Diamond Digital Marketing HK

a.   Below Select Asset Type, Click [[ Ad Accounts ]]

b.  In Select Assets, Choose [[ <<Target FB Ads Account>> ]].

c.  Toggle the Button in Set Permissions > Admin Access to Yes

d.  [[ Save Changes ]]


9. Done