What is CRM

CRM stands for Client Relationship Management.

DigiHub CRM is a simple and practical customer relationship management system (CRM), while integrating office, finance, sales and inventory, call center and other integrated solutions, designed for small and medium-sized enterprises, with a focus on simplicity and practicality. It uses cloud computing to provide services, with web, computer and mobile versions, and full real-time synchronization of data across multiple terminals.

It is designed to be simple, practical and easy to understand at a glance. By using Customer Worry-Free, you can permanently store customer data and related information, effectively accumulate customers, prevent customer collision, improve sales performance, prevent customer loss due to staff departure, and effectively promote teamwork in order to do lead generation.

Why should I use Worry-Free Customer?

Complete record of all customer data, never lost

— Replaces Excel or notebooks to prevent loss of clients due to staff departures

Perfect customer data management function, which can manage customers in different categories, convenient for inquiry, and the status and history of each customer’s follow-up are all clear at a glance. Even if an employee leaves his job, his customer data and follow-ups are also kept intact and will not be lost, so it is easy for newcomers to take over. When the work is based on customer DigiHub CRM , all the history can be checked, 5 years later, 10 years later, today’s work records can still be checked and hence lead generation is achieved.

Efficient teamwork

— Sharing and collaboration among members, real-time data synchronization, greatly increasing work efficiency

Each person in the team has a separate account, and the customer information and follow-up visits entered by the salesperson are immediately available for the supervisor to view and annotate. The supervisors can assign tasks to their subordinates and monitor their completion, and managers can control the work of their subordinates in real time from any location via computer or mobile phone. Say goodbye to the old practice of subordinates submitting their own customer data to their superiors on a regular basis, ensuring absolute real-time synchronization.

To-Do/Task Reminders

— your faithful personal assistant

To-do task reminder, customer birthday reminder, customer birthday automatic blessing, holiday blessing automatic processing, let you work to save time and effort. With the perfect task function, you can make your work goals clear and orderly.

Real-time synchronization between computer and mobile phone

— Manage your business anytime, anywhere even when you’re on the road.

Customers have a worry-free computer version and mobile version, the mobile version of the data is fully synchronized with the computer in real time, out of the house, you can query and manage your own business at any time. No longer limited by time and geographical restrictions.

Clear statistical reports

— Customer status and distribution, enterprise business status at a glance

Through the powerful statistical report function, you can clearly view the sales situation in real time, customer distribution, employee sales performance and so on all the data you want to see. Make the company business status more clear.
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2020.10.31: New function to combine refunds for multiple orders at the same time

2020.10.26: New ability to retrieve phone numbers from anywhere on the computer screen and control the phone’s one-touch dialing function

2020.10.20: It is now possible to authorize sub accounts to perform customer conversion operations/announcements with new comment function.

2020.10.16: Calendar mode is added to the workbook, synchronization and optimization of the log plan function, and support for rewriting logs.

2020.10.13: New work log planning and statistics function / New comparison statistics function of different periods of product sales.

2020.09.24: Order process support for sales before purchase production model, suitable for non-standard customized industries

2020.09.22: New online: WeChat connects with customers, customers can self-check order status, feedback problems, etc.